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Meaning & value

Meaning & value

Hi! Bel Lepikson speaking, founder, and curator of Le Timbre. Here my team and I will be talking about creation & creators, but first, let me explain how everything started.

I am a paper lover and just can’t accept the analog era is over. I am super attached to the time when things were made to last, and I still believe this is possible nowadays.

In the past years working as an artist manager, I had the opportunity to follow the creation of amazing projects. Understanding the process behind the results made me see art from another perspective. That’s why the mission of Le Timbre is to help people explore visual arts in a deeper level.

I believe meaning should overcome material value, that objects around us should tell stories and bring joy to our lives. The art pieces we produce are made to open a visual dialogue, besides of looking good at their final destinies.

I bet everyone loves the feeling of getting something other than bills in the mailbox. So, once a month we’ll produce an exclusive high-quality print, carefully place it inside an old school paper envelope and deliver it right to your door.

This is only the beginning, help us grow the community!


Lots of love,


Bel Lepikson & Le Timbre Team



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