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5 ways to have amazing walls

5 ways to have amazing walls

Decorating is a way to tell stories and transform our living and working places into amazing mood boards. The walls around us should be filled with joy. We can use them to tell stories, to bring memories back, to make us laugh or simply to bring some beauty to the world.

#1 | Go for diversity

On walls, only frames. WRONG! Try to mix the traditional framing with other ways to hang your prints. And why not mix them with some other objects? Be a rule breaker: more diversity, more fun.

#2 | Dive deeply into flea markets and second-hand stores

Flea markets are great places to find unique decoration treasures at very reasonable prices. It may take patience, but nothing equals the pleasure of giving old objects a new life. Give it a chance and become a treasure hunter

>> Friendly advice: if you suffer from allergies, take a mask with you and be brave! ? <<

#3 | Collect family treasures

The value of objects should be on the meaning they have. Bring back your childhood memories, put together your favorite black and white pictures, make your gramma a tribute and give your old memories another use.

Don’t be afraid to get too sentimental and use your walls to tell the story of your life.

#4 | Group by meaning

Define a concept and create a group of images and objects to define it. For example, you can communicate freedom by filling a wall up with birds. Be guided by literacy or create another code, such as color or form groups.

Let your walls communicate your feelings.

#5 | Be democratic & spontaneous. Make it dynamic!

Decoration can (and should) change from time to time. Make it seasonable, or let it follow your moods. Have some extra sets ready and give them the chance to see the light. Buy frames that are easy to assemble, allowing an easy renovation of content.

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