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Q&A with Pep Montserrat

Q&A with Pep Montserrat

— Other jobs before living of art?

Waiter, textile, graphic designer.

— The story of your first paid art commission?

1988, through the newspaper job ads. << Illustrator needed. Send samples of “common lady” and “smiling mailbox”.>> Followed by two years of constant work.

— The best professional lesson you have learned?

It’s all worth it if the intention is right.

— Other artistic disciplines that influence you?

Painting, music, dance, cinema, literature.

— About the creative process: chaos or order?

Both of them.

— Paper or Pixel?

Both of them.

— Describe yourself in three words?

In Permanent Construction.

— Any book on your bedside table?

At this very moment, one by Ian McEwan.

— Who would you like to receive a letter from?

One from Ian McEwan.

— A movie?

Only one?!? 2001: a Space Odyssey.

— A song?

Virou Areia, by Lenine.

— A place in the world?

Under a hot shower, after coming back home walking on a rainy day.

— A hobby?

Walking the dog in the woods.

— A memory of childhood?

The exact space between the trampoline and the water.

— 3 requests to the genie of the lamp.

More time. More clarity. More lightness.