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Q&A with Cristina Daura

Q&A with Cristina Daura


– Other jobs before living of art?

In my previous lives, I worked cutting vinyl for car stickers, helping my father in his company, at the Museum of Ceramics and Interior Design of Barcelona cutting tickets and attending people, and the most recent and important for me: daily babysitting 2 children for 4 years.

– The story of your first paid art commission

When I was in high school I met a boy much older than me. He exchanged my drawings for Primavera Sound Festival tickets. It wasn’t actual money, but it was like gold to me.

– The best professional lesson you have learned

All written by email, never leave the meetings with words in the air.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you

Photography and cinema.

– About the creative process: chaos or order?

First chaos that later becomes order. I try not to show the chaos to my clients, but I bet sometimes they don’t get a clue from the sketches I present.

– Paper or Pixel?

Both always, it’d be absurd to choose only one of them.

– Describe yourself in three words

Coffee and ham.

– Any book on your bedside table?

I’ve just finished The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley, of Hannah Tinti and it’s still by my bed. I bought it because I illustrated its review in the NYtimes Book Review. I liked the subject so much that I had to read it. It was worth it.

– Who would you like to receive a letter from?

Once I received a letter from J.K. Rowling and it was the height of the glory for me. Now it’d be difficult to overcome that feeling.

– A movie

Only one? There are so many! I recently saw Dunkirk and I really liked it. I’ve chosen the latest because it’s easier.

–  A song

That’s Life, Frank Sinatra.

– A place in the world

Vallvidrera, where I grew up.

– A hobby

Coffee tasting.

– A memory of childhood

The first time I went to the movies I was 4 years old. We were in Cadiz and went to see Peter Pan with my father and some friends. I remember leaving the cinema despising the character and the bad person I thought Peter Pan was.

– 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

Time, serenity, love.


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