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Le Timbre’s musical collection

Le Timbre's musical collection

“I carry a notebook where I take lots of notes, but it’s impossible to draw outside my table. I always work at my studio and the music is always on.” Says Sonia Pulido.

She has a very eclectic musical taste, she loves Tindersticks and their singer Stuart A. Staples. Also groups like Beirut, Los Planetas, Wilco, The Detroit Cobras, The National, Mishima. Singers like Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee. Composers like Arvo Pärt, Pergolesi, Bach.

It wasn’t an easy task, but she chose 10 of her favorite hits for this amazing playlist. Listen & be inspired!

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And she also let us snoop around her studio, with her analog table, the digital table, her Junceda Prizes, the favorite books, inspiring cotes and the drawings of her daughter Júlia. ❤️


Le Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collection