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Q&A | #StudioSongs by Jacco Bunt

Q&A | #StudioSongs by Jacco Bunt

– Other jobs before living of art?

I’ve had a lot of side jobs before my time at art school and a small period after I was graduated from it. I’ve worked for a long period as a dishwasher in a jazzpodium/club and restaurant called Bird (if you’re ever in Rotterdam, definitely visit it). But I did things like delivering newspapers, KLM catering service, warehouse jobs and many more.

– The story of your first paid art commission

When I worked at Bird, one of the owners asked if the bartender of the club and I would be interested in organizing an event. We were both pretty young, so off course we did it. I ended up designing everything and earning my first income with illustration/design. After those posters I got a lot more assignments, so I owe this place a lot.

 - The best professional lesson you have learned

Even if you know your client or if you are ‘friends’ with them make sure you’re super clear about money. Maybe get something confirmed over mail or ask for upfront payment, because if things aren’t clear you’ll be the one feeling shit. I once finished an assignment but the client ended up not approving it. As I hadn’t talked about money wisely, I got nothing for it.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you

I think there is not an specific one, but I’m always interested in other disciplines. Art movements such as De Stijl and Art Deco where different disciplines are combined are big inspirations for me.

– About the creative process: chaos or order?

Order in chaos, I guess. I sketch a lot and make a lot of different papers. I fill them completely with small things like compositions or sketching elements to implement in my illustrations.

– Paper or Pixel?

Also both, I always start on paper and work out my sketch with pencil. After that, I scan my drawing and finish it on the computer, clean the drawing and play with colour.

Q&A | #StudioSongs by Jacco BuntQ&A | #StudioSongs by Jacco Bunt

– Describe yourself in three words

Perseverant, stubborn, crazy.

– Any book on your bedside table?

I read a lot, so there are always different kinds of books next too my bed. Now there are 3: Ikigai, The Japanese secret for a long and happy life, Vrij man and de Tempelberg.

– Who would you like to receive a letter from?

I don’t receive many letters so I guess anyone with a positive vibe would be amazing, especially if it comes with an invitation to exhibit or for a residence somewhere. Or maybe from an artist who I really admire, to start a letter conversation, like Geoff Mcfetridge, Jeroen Erosie, Tim Lahan or Piet Parra.

– A movie

Rushmore by Wes Anderson.

– A song

A usually start my day with easy/chill music and then depending on how much coffee I drink, till how far the bpm’s go up. It’s impossible to choose one song.

— A place in the world

Istanbul, Turkey

— A hobby


— A memory of childhood

Washing trucks at the family company, walking my grandparents’ dog, playing outside. Anything besides drawing.

— 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

Fluently speaking and understanding all languages including the extinct/dead ones.

House/Studio in Tokyo to work with wood and metal.

Unlimited paint, premium cotton canvasses and some brushes.


#StudioSongs by Jacco Bunt



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