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Q&A with Marc Spengler

Q&A with Marc SpenglerMarc’s studio in Stuttgart 

–  Other jobs before living of art? 

Studying graphic design 

– The story of your first paid art commission 

I sold an artwork that I made in school in 11th class by accident 

 - The best professional lesson you have learned 

Always staying organized 

 – Other artistic disciplines that influence you 


– About the creative process: chaos or order? 

 I start it very ordered but it gets very chaotic as time goes by. 

Q&A with Marc SpenglerProcess and tools. 

– Paper or Pixel?  


– Describe yourself in three words 

 Vibrant, playful, shapy. 

 – Any book on your bedside table? 

Experimental Jetset’s Statement and Counterstatement

 – Who would you like to receive a letter from? 

 Mr. Bingo 

 – A movie 

 The Lord of the Rings 1-3

– A song 

 Ratatat – Mirando 

 –  A place in the world 

 At the beach.

–  A hobby 


– A memory of childhood 

Me drawing motocross bikes in kindergarten 

– 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp. 

  1. endless inspiration 
  2. endless vacation 
  3. another 3 wishes 

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Q&A with Julien Pacaud


–  Other jobs before living of art? 

Nothing serious 

– The story of your first paid art commission 

I was contacted by the French singer Arman Melies in 2005 after he saw my work online. He was preparing his first album and asked me to work on the artwork for the cover. At that time, creating images was a hobby. I had never worked for someone else and gotten money for it. I love music, and making a record cover was the perfect assignment. We finally got to make 4 different covers, which were possible to be swapped in the CD case.

JULIEN PACAUD album cover

 - The best professional lesson you have learned  

Making compromises, I guess.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you 

Cinema, music, literature. 

– About the creative process: chaos or order? 

I see my work as organizing the chaos. Using very different sources and trying to make them cohabit in a coherent new universe. 

– Paper or Pixel? 


– Describe yourself in three words 


– Any book on your bedside table? 

I want to re-read “The Dice Man” by Luke Rhinehart 

– Who would you like to receive a letter from? 

I know exactly, but I won’t tell you. 

– A movie 

“L’année dernière à Marienbad”, by Alain Resnais 

– A song  

“La Fête Triste”, by Trisomie 21 

— A place in the world 

The exact opposite of the place where I’m sitting now if we drew a line going through the center of the earth. 

 — A hobby  

Playing snooker. 

— A memory of childhood 

Being very intrigued by Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were Here” album cover. 

wish you were here_carawish you were here


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Q&A with Rozalina Burkova

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

–  Other jobs before living of art?

Fashion design assistant.

– The story of your first paid art commission

It was for designing scarf prints for a Nigerian company, the pay was 7 pounds per day (!!!). Gotta start somewhere.

– The best professional lesson you have learned

You have the right to negotiate.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you

Painting, cinema, ceramics.

– About the creative process: chaos or order?

Chaos in the beginning, order in the end.

– Paper or Pixel?

Pixel for work, paper for fun.

– Describe yourself in three words

Efficient, romantic over-thinker.

– Any book on your bedside table?

Right now Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

– Who would you like to receive a letter from?

My grandma.

– A movie

Anything by Noah Baumbach.

– A song

Empty Bones by The Growlers.

— A place in the world

South of France.

— A hobby

It is very new but silver casting.

— A memory of childhood

Lots of stray dogs and cats to feed with a pipette.

— 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

Love for life, end of global warming, health.

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Le Timbre’s musical collection

Le Timbre's musical collection

“I carry a notebook where I take lots of notes, but it’s impossible to draw outside my table. I always work at my studio and the music is always on.” Says Sonia Pulido.

She has a very eclectic musical taste, she loves Tindersticks and their singer Stuart A. Staples. Also groups like Beirut, Los Planetas, Wilco, The Detroit Cobras, The National, Mishima. Singers like Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Nina Simone and Peggy Lee. Composers like Arvo Pärt, Pergolesi, Bach.

It wasn’t an easy task, but she chose 10 of her favorite hits for this amazing playlist. Listen & be inspired!

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And she also let us snoop around her studio, with her analog table, the digital table, her Junceda Prizes, the favorite books, inspiring cotes and the drawings of her daughter Júlia. ❤️


Le Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collectionLe Timbre's musical collection

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Q&A with Cristina Daura

Q&A with Cristina Daura


– Other jobs before living of art?

In my previous lives, I worked cutting vinyl for car stickers, helping my father in his company, at the Museum of Ceramics and Interior Design of Barcelona cutting tickets and attending people, and the most recent and important for me: daily babysitting 2 children for 4 years.

– The story of your first paid art commission

When I was in high school I met a boy much older than me. He exchanged my drawings for Primavera Sound Festival tickets. It wasn’t actual money, but it was like gold to me.

– The best professional lesson you have learned

All written by email, never leave the meetings with words in the air.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you

Photography and cinema.

– About the creative process: chaos or order?

First chaos that later becomes order. I try not to show the chaos to my clients, but I bet sometimes they don’t get a clue from the sketches I present.

– Paper or Pixel?

Both always, it’d be absurd to choose only one of them.

– Describe yourself in three words

Coffee and ham.

– Any book on your bedside table?

I’ve just finished The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley, of Hannah Tinti and it’s still by my bed. I bought it because I illustrated its review in the NYtimes Book Review. I liked the subject so much that I had to read it. It was worth it.

– Who would you like to receive a letter from?

Once I received a letter from J.K. Rowling and it was the height of the glory for me. Now it’d be difficult to overcome that feeling.

– A movie

Only one? There are so many! I recently saw Dunkirk and I really liked it. I’ve chosen the latest because it’s easier.

–  A song

That’s Life, Frank Sinatra.

– A place in the world

Vallvidrera, where I grew up.

– A hobby

Coffee tasting.

– A memory of childhood

The first time I went to the movies I was 4 years old. We were in Cadiz and went to see Peter Pan with my father and some friends. I remember leaving the cinema despising the character and the bad person I thought Peter Pan was.

– 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

Time, serenity, love.


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Studio Songs: Le Timbre’s musical collection.

Studio Songs: Le Timbre's musical collection.

Cristina Daura has a very personal visual discourse. Monotony would never define any of her artworks. She always connects small pieces to tell a story. Little frames put together, creating a sense of fragile order that contrasts with the powerful colors that she always uses.

Her illustrations are full of energy and freshness; bringing many dimensions to only one image. And so does her top 10 (actually 11) favorite songs, a potpourri of styles to boost your creativity.

Learn more about her and see some of her past works here. 

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Q&A with Olga Capdevila

Q&A with Olga Capdevila

– Other jobs before living of art

Snail collector (I think I’d get paid 500 pesetas per kilo), invoice delivery at the company my mother worked, selling lady’s clothes at the market in Vic and ironing hospital sheets at an industrial laundry.

– The story of your first paid art commission

At the age of 16, I made a wonderful logo for my cousin’s canine hair salon. At that moment I had no design tools. I handprinted it using half potato and made the post-production in the computer with Paint. The logo lasted until 2015 when we decided that we all deserved the makeover.

– The best professional lesson you have learned

The importance of knowing how to say NO. Genetics has made it harder. Along the way, I have lost my innocence and suffered some injuries, but I suspect that now I’m close to finally achieve it.

– Other artistic disciplines that influence you

I can be interested and influenced by any artistic or non-artistic discipline if I connect with the message or the story they tell me.

– About the creative process: chaos or order?

Tidy chaos: or working to get an intuitively coherent and organized discourse out of the chaos.

– Paper or Pixel?

The perpetual mixture of both, I refuse to choose.

– Describe yourself in three words

Pass(1) the(2) potato(3).

– Any book on your bedside table?

The two last ones I bought – The Vegetarian by Han Kang and The Grass Harp by Truman Capote.

– Who would you like to receive a letter from?

It’s been so long since I’ve received one that I’d be happy with any letter written by hand inside an old school envelope.

– A movie

The Arbor, Tomboy, or the recent Summer of 1993.

– A song

Staying close to home I’d choose “Casa no és casa” by my musician friends La Iaia.

— A place in the world

My home. It has cost me too much time and effort to raise the temple so as not to want it above all else.

— A hobby

Score goals and investigate crimes.

— A memory of childhood

The afternoons playing soccer in the square of my town, and creating a drink called ‘Magic Potion’ that certainly made us faster. It was made with Tang, mulberries from our garden and sugar. It was given to the children of the neighborhood (I was the oldest) before each game. We believed without any hesitation that it had magical properties.

— 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

It´ll sound like the priest of my town: 1.Health 2. Peace. 3. Love

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Q&A with Olga CapdevilaQ&A with Olga Capdevila


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Studio Songs: Le Timbre’s musical collection.

studio songs


It’s the beginning of a new month and we’re getting ready to print Ina’s artwork, thinking how beautiful the whole creative process was.

Ina says she learns a lot from the emotions of music. That’s a playlist of the songs she got inspired by while creating the piece we’re about to send to our subscribers.

It’ll make you travel around the world with your headphones. Have a great trip!


** Visit Olga Capdevila‘s gallery, October featured artist. **

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Q&A with Ina Hristova

Q&A with Ina Hristova

— Other jobs before living of art?

I have worked in a gallery-bookstore, in a center for medieval studies, in a graphic design studio that also sold popcorn machines, served food in restaurants wearing white gloves, etc. Lately, I’m spending time at Espai Brut, an illustration and engraving workshop. We do courses, we have a gallery and a store of graphic artwork.

— The story of your first paid art commission

It was the graphic campaign of a youth theater in Vienna, where my sister worked, it was huge for me. I learned a lot from those commissions since my sister guided me, doing the artistic direction. I learned that I have to be fast, resolute, not to get attached to the images I drew because corrections can come at any moment. When I finally visited the theater and watched the play, I was amazed. From a distance, you don’t realize exactly what you participated in.

— The best professional lesson you have learned


— Other artistic disciplines that influence you

I feel influenced by literature, I grew up surrounded by my mother’s poesy in a world of writers and artists. I also learn a lot from the emotions of the music, but I believe nowadays cinema and animation are the ones that influence me the most.

— About the creative process: chaos or order?

First chaos, then order.

— Paper or Pixel?

I enjoy the whole process of graphic printing on paper. I like to know different traditional printing techniques, that’s why I explore engraving. It allows me to get dirty and experiment.

The digital tools give another result and I also enjoy how fast I draw with the tablet, one has definitely more control over the whole process.

— Describe yourself in three words

Being and becoming.

— Any book on your bedside table?

Panchatantra Fables.

— Who would you like to receive a letter from?

From José Saramago.

— A movie

Thin Red Line

— A song

Northern Sky by Nick Drake.

— A place in the world

The sea. The underwater world that we don’t know fascinates me.

— A hobby

Play ukulele, less and less.

— A memory of childhood

Sleeping outdoors for the first time. My grandfather telling us stories, there were fireflies and crickets, the stars didn’t fit in the sky and felt.

— 3 wishes to the genie of the lamp.

Diving. To travel more. No fears.

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Hunting for the perfect frame

Hunting for the perfect frame

We have talked about having amazing walls here. After our two first editions, we’ve been thinking a lot about frames. Many of our subscribers have written us asking for tips on this subject, so here we go!

We love the old-school frame stores where you can choose everything from zero, but let’s be honest: modern life has brought easier and cheaper ways to frame. And if you want to have dynamic and creative walls, you’ll have to be practical.

Many stores offer a vast catalog of frames with a wide range of prices, styles, and materials. Quality is one of the most important aspects to focus, so try to always choose the best ones that can fit your budget.

We started our hunt for Soldier’s Tale and Siamese Collage frames putting all these concepts together and most of all, thinking about what each image need:

-> The Soldier’s Tale is a mix of a classic illustration from the 30’s with a modern intervention. We thought that the modern part should stand out, so we needed a frame that highlighted this part of the artwork.

-> The Siame Collage is actually a visual game that offers almost 100 possible combinations. As it can (and should) change from time to time, we wanted a very-easy-to-assemble frame.

This was our shopping list and where the fun started. After some search, we ended up with the PERFECT solution for both of them at the same place.

We’re big fans of Habitat, they have beautifully designed products, a wide frame collection with great quality at a fair price (many ticks on our wish list at once!!!), and that’s where we found our perfect frames. The best part is that it was sales season and we’ve got them with 50% off.


For the Soldier’s Tale, we chose the Bacall collection, made of black and clean metal, very elegant and discreet.

Hunting for the perfect frame

And for Siamese Collage we chose the magnetic, that will allow us to change the combinations whenever we wish to, in just a few minutes.

Hunting for the perfect frame

P.S.: What if you leave the frame on the coffee table

to be easily handed and renewed?

Voilà, mission accomplished!