Anja Bartelt


Edition #15. September 2018 


“I usually depict scenarios that evolve from imagined and recently experienced situations. Inspired by the ordinary, surroundings and behavior of people, I like to create images that are based on the usual, but where I further can develop an enigmatic atmosphere and include slightly odd characters.

With a vague idea in mind what will appear on the paper, I let myself guide by my intuition by trying to capture certain emotions and offer different narrative possibilities to the viewer. Herefore I am always looking to maintain the analog feel in my work and experiment with different materials and techniques.

Set in lush greenery each to their own seems to be caught up in their own thoughts. Gazing into no certain direction when the air is filled with the sweet nostalgic sensation that summer is about to end soon, we let our imagination wander and try to keep our place of longing in memory.”


Anja Bartelt (1986) is an illustrator and graphic designer from Berlin. After graduating from the Fachhochschule Potsdam, she moved to Madrid.

Her work is inspired by everyday life situations that she translates into whimsical, soft colour toned images with a glimpse of humour.