Anna Gusella

Between the Lines

Edition #17. November 2018


Drawing is thinking, an expression that is much more than beautiful images. Everything is possible: combinations, distortion, concentration, abstraction, collection, compression, reduction, simplification, experiment, reflection, documentation, absurdity to poetry. Drawing offers the possibility to show new perspectives and to create a thinking space.

I always like to try new techniques and to beat a new path. As drawing is thinking, the drawing itself can become a thought. The translation is a creative process, that links language with the movement of the body. Association and linking different topics is a core skill — not just in a creative field.

In “Between the Lines” the body is the central player — the line separates and connects at the same time. Observation is in the focus, but the interpretation is up to the observer.


Anna Gusella studied visual communication at art school Berlin (KHB), Fh-Potsdam, university of applied sciences and Willem De Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, NL). She loves clouds, popping popcorn, observing people who feel unobserved and to work with her hands, eyes and heart to sense the process of development.