Cristina Daura


EDITION #05. November 2017


Paper – Conqueror 300g // 19 x 19 cm // Digital offset

“It’s almost a trademark of mine to include in my work references and symbols that resemble the people closest to me. It might evoke a memory or a feeling towards my family, friends or even myself. It’s an aspect that follows me even in commissioned works.

I had total freedom working with Le Timbre, so I decided to create a very personal piece.

It’s a no-brainer that I have a strong character and that I’m not easy to deal with. Putting this into account, I’m always restraining my deepest and atypical behaviors, trying to suit what my immediate surroundings expect from me. I recognize my troublesome profile and I always try not to cause problems, but sometimes they’re inevitable.

Moreover, even with my self-control at the highest levels, sometimes I hit against a wall. Especially when people with whom I once had a solid and close relationship reject my nature and indistinctly shut the door.

 That’s why I end up putting on a smiley face, trying not to lose my tempers. And it can be sad to act like that when it’d be much easier to have the freedom to allow my real self out.

In this artwork, I tried to capture the state of joy that can be destroyed when you least expect. I especially wanted to make a reference to 2 beings I love as a family.

And the pine, that can never be missing. The Mediterranean pine and the sea in the background. My home.” Cristina Daura


Cristina Daura is from Barcelona (1988). Influenced by the world of comics, she has made her mark in publishers like Penguin Books or Blackie Books, international media such as The New Yorker and The New York Times, fanzines and also as the author of the posters of Eat Street, Primera Persona and Gutter Fest.

All this work comes out of her cave in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in Barcelona.