Ina Hristova

The Snake Charmer

EDITION #03. September 2017


Paper Cotton 300g // 14,8 x 21 cm // Letterpress Printing

“The idea behind The Snake Charmer is inspired by the Book of the Labyrinth by Paolo Santarcangeli and the illustrated book by Peter Sis – The Conference of the Birds. I’m interested in the ancient world, those stories and legends that transpose you into another reality. Myths and archetypes lead me to create images where strange creatures inhabit, with some magic and secret rituals.

The creative process begins by following the labyrinth of the mind. Entering into the maze involves the risk of getting lost, but also of being found. It involves daring and entering an unknown world where only shadows and ideas live.

I’ve decided to use the Letterpress printing technique, as it’s part of engraving and manual stamping. The Letterpress matrix gives an embossed finish to the cotton paper, turning the print into something tactile. This way, you can search the exit of the labyrinth with all the senses.

There’s a certain rebirth in the image printed by hand, it adds a value to the work. I work with different engraving and stamping techniques: silk-screen printing, aquatint, and etching, monotyping and embossing. Each one of them takes me to experiment different graphic aspects of the drawings.”


Ina Hristova was born in a small town of Bulgaria in 1988, a year before the end of the communist regime. Her mother is a poet and publisher and her father a printer, both lovers of reading and with a large library that could not fit in the apartment they lived.

She has a degree in Art History and Pedagogy and studied Illustration at the Massana School, Barcelona.

Her passion for literature, history, and art led her to discover the world of illustration, which brings many possibilities for artistic expression, experimentation, and continuous learning.

Besides illustration and design, she develops personal projects exploring traditional techniques of engraving, serigraphy and the edition of artist books.

She has created, along with a collective of artists, a space in Barcelona dedicated to the engraving and graphic printing – Espai Brut.

Her work has been awarded by the Junceda Future Creator Prize.