Jacco Bunt


Jacco Bunt

After the storm is over we won’t be the same.

EDITION #11. May 2018


Paper: Arcoprint Milk 300g // 18 x 26 cm // Digital offset

“My works are the reflection of my daily life. I usually implement a lot of things that I read; see or what goes on in my life. In this print, I put a lot of elements that represent my life in the past month when I had a lot of personal conflicts. So you can see a screaming cock, a ramen, two coffee, a hot teapot, Affligem triple and some other things. All these things together are like a riddle and you need to have the right context to read it how it supposed to be.  

My work really evolved from the traditional still life/nature morte into hard lines and abstract backgrounds where a lot of things are going on. The subjects change and define what I visualize. I like to play with what people immediately see, implementing strange combinations of icons, animals and ordinary things to create unusual combinations. I like to trigger interaction between the artwork and the viewer; it should create an open conversation where there is no right or wrong because explanation and meaning are not given.”  


Jacco Bunt (1990) is an illustrator based in Rotterdam. Graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2015 and is working ever since on a diverse range of projects.

With his work, he tries to capture the essence of our daily life and translate this into colorful and balanced compositions. Influenced by early 20th-century art movements he devoted his work to creating posters, illustrations, and paintings and not be limited to a certain medium.