Kasya Denisevich


Edition #16. October 2018


“A friend of mine was born and raised in a house that was demolished, on a street that isn’t there anymore. That struck me as a metaphor for the impossibility of returning to the past. I realized that I, too, had many rooms in my life that now exist only in my memory. I will never see them again physically; however, I remember every detail so well that I can close my eyes and imagine I am there.

So from time to time, I draw those lost rooms. Everything is a little distorted, lighting is more important than perspective, some objects are missing and some are very accurate because that’s how I remember it. This is a room in the apartment where I started living on my own, first as a university student, then as a translator and a teacher. I remember sitting there on the door by night, mesmerized by my new grown-up life.

I love trying out new techniques, yet my favorite tool is one particular Indian ink by Winsor and Newton. All I need is three or four different brushes, a pencil, ink and some water. I use very thick watercolor paper that allows putting many layers on top of each other. Drawing like this is a very slow process, since every shape is very watery and has to dry completely before proceeding any further. Nonetheless, it proved perfect for the Rooms project, since it matched so well the process of remembering places I hung around and things I used to love.”


Kasya Denisevich is an illustrator and graphic artist living in between Moscow and Barcelona.