Marc Spengler


EDITION #10. March 2018


Paper: Arcoprint Milk 300 g // 19 x 28 cm // Digital offset

“I’ve decided to stick to my colourful style and show a selection of two abstract shapes, the staircase and a white bow. It is the result of a long drawing session, where I tried to build mindless compositions consisting of shapes and colours. My process is to draw on a very small scale because it’s easier for me and it goes much faster. When I have a lot of sketches done, I always realize that I repeat certain shapes. It’s when I take them to the next step, which is making a composition that I may like as a print.

Just like in my sketchbook, I never make any pencil drawings beforehand. I start by drawing a frame consisting of a few colours and then I fill it very spontaneously with the background of shapes. I’m always trying not to draw the shapes, only filling the space around them. So it’s also a little surprising to me how the result looks like.

For this special edition, I’ve chosen digital printing to be able to use a large variety of colours in the image.”


Marc David Spengler (Stuttgart, 1995) is a graphic design student at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart in the class of Prof. Patrick Thomas.

His personal work focusses on illustration and printmaking. His illustrations are based on abstract shapes combined with bright colors.