Otto Baum


EDITION #13. July 2018


“My artwork shows the elements of my recent works with linocuts and printed forms.

I like the textures in contrast to the monochrome areas. The forms I printed are random. Mostly leaves and trees because my artist last name Baum means translated „Tree“ so I got a green thumb.

This Baumhaus / Treehouse has many rooms and many views out of it that was my idea to show them in this work. The lines in my works are not straightforward so I although I am very structured and orderly.”


Otto Baum was born in 1979 in East Berlin. He studied textile and surface design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee. Since 2004 he is part of the artist collective KLUB7. He lives and works in Berlin.

He is fascinated by simple forms, the feel and structure of materials such as wood and paper, and in particular, by the unpredictability of working with analogue printing techniques such as linocut or monotype.

He always combines childlike curiosity and impartiality to create. He’ll for sure apply an extra dose of enthusiasm to come up with a unique piece for Le Timbre members.