Pep Montserrat

Soldier's Tale

EDITION #01. July 2017


Paper Corolla Pentagram 240g // 27,71 x 20,39 cm // Printing Indigo Digital

“I didn’t meet my grandfather Isidro Montserrat because he died when my father was 11. But he left the admiration in the memory of my family, apart from many books, some poems, drawings, and photographs of his own authorship that I collected decades later.

I also got some other significant things from my family’s house, that somehow pointed a new direction in my work: old papers and delivery notes from the early 40’s and fashion magazines from the 60’s.

With this material, I developed an imagery collision with built-in graphics that was first showed in my work for El País, but also in other international media.

Among the things I collected from my family’s house, there was a collection of 8 ink drawings, copies of antique engravings – including one by Rembrandt – which my grandfather made before the Spanish civil war. Ink drawings somehow naive, more persevering and willful than brilliantly executed. I understand them as the sign of a willingness to move away from a limited and less stimulating environment towards an inner space of challenges that would fulfill his routine.

I always thought about doing something with these drawings too, just like I did with the other material, recovering and reinventing images for the newspapers. I recently started working with them in a very personal way.

This drawing I made for Le Timbre’s subscribers is one of the very first signs of this new path.” – Pep Montserrat


Pep inherited from his grandfather the pleasure of reading and drawing. Exploring different techniques, he usually works between the fields of book and editorial illustration. His work reflects the depth with which he interprets each one of the concepts he deals with, and mainly the need to offer the reader a code for the understanding of the image.

When illustrating books, he works with an elegant relation between visual style and the spirit of the text, emphasizing on the metaphorical load of his images. He has been recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the International Board on Books for Young People and the Society of Illustrators of New York. Some of his books have been published in Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Brazil, Greece, and Korea.

As an editorial illustrator, he has published in El País, La Vanguardia, The Chicago Tribune and The National of Abu Dhabi, Courrier International, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The New York Times and The Washington Post. In this area, his images relate singularly to the subjects by reflection and often through an empathic and subtle sense of humor.