EDITION #10. April 2018


Paper: Cotton Paper 270g // 20,3 x 16,2 cm // Silkscreen, 4 colours.

“The image has come out of recent work about visualisation in relation to Yoga practice. In classes, we are encouraged to ‘visualise’ things to help move in certain ways or focus on different physical actions or parts of the body.   

I have been making illustrations based on what I visualise during sessions. Not an imagining of a body making a shape, not a direct depiction of events, but something that is linked and has the feeling of a thing – more of a metaphor. More like poetry than a record. 

 This artwork is silkscreen printed by me at Spike Print Studio – the print studio where we work at in Bristol, in the UK.”  – Alex Higlett


Founded in 2012 by Alexandra Higlett and Georgina Hounsome, Pirrip is a small illustration, design & print studio, specializing in silkscreen printing. They work on a variety of projects; big and small, commercial and non-commercial, and each work independently as illustrators and designers. 

Alongside larger projects like residencies and self-publishing books, they work on shorter run zines, illustrative prints, and other creative endeavours. They also have a small shop in Bristol’s arts quarter, selling our prints, stationery & illustrated books, with occasional plants, t-shirts, and pottery.