Alma’s Portrait

Sonia Pulido


EDITION #06. December 2017 


Paper Conqueror 300g // 21 x 29,7 cm // Digital offset printing

“I’ve worked with the memory of a text I read a long time ago and that I’ve always wanted to illustrate. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to bring it to life.

I’m very interested in mythology and symbols. This image has something of a dream and a lot of symbolism. It’s closely related to the series I’ve been developing in ceramics, where I try to explore the intimate feminine universe, exploring the conscious and unconscious sides.

I wanted to suggest more than unveil, offering the viewer the possibility of completing the story told in this image. The interior of the figure reveals intimate peculiarities and emotional processes. A clear evolution. The inner part can be interpreted as a simple textile stamping or as a window to peek into and discover, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

The jungle as a metaphor for the unconscious reinforced in this case by the figures of the animals. The tiger symbolizing strength and courage and the snake “as a protector of the sources of life and immortality as well as superior goods symbolized by the hidden treasures “

The technique, as in most of my works, is pencil on paper and digital coloring, keeping in mind as a graphic reference the botanical illustrations from the XVIII and XIX centuries.”


When Sonia was a child, colored pencils were one of her best companies and she has never been apart from them. Nowadays, pencils and paper are still her main working tools. Sonia Pulido’s illustrations visually seduce, make us think, amuse and communicate main values, perfectly balancing strong concepts with a delicate aesthetic.

Her visual discourse and her particular control of colors inspired by the 1950s, make her able to deal with complex issues with lightness and optimism. Female empowerment is one of the central axes of her universe.

Her professional career covers several fields: graphic novels, comics, books, editorial and more recently, illustrated ceramics. Her illustrations have been published in The Wall Street Journal, AD France, The New York Times, The Country, The Country Weekly, The Boston Globe, Harper’s Baazar, Rockdelux, Marie Claire, Jot Down, among others.