A Mushroom Cap Thrusts Upwardly

Sophy Hollington

A Mushroom Cap Thrusts Upwardly, Declaring Neither He Nor She.

EDITION #14. August 2018


“I’ve been dipping in an out of a book called ‘The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross’, which explores the intersection between ancient fertility cults and the major religions.

It’s said that the mushroom was venerated by ancient folks due to it’s mysterious, hermaphrodite reproductive cycle and psychedelic properties and that over a very long period of time, these mushroomy factions morphed into the major religions we recognize today. I wanted to create an image that returned to this mushroom-appreciating mindset with the view that the gender-bending fungus is a relevant symbol for our current times too.

The piece is a linocut that I’ve colored digitally, which is how I create the vast majority of my work.”


Sophy Hollington is an illustrator, artist and printmaker living in Brighton, UK.

After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts in 2011, Sophy has been using traditional linocut printmaking as a trademark of her work. Her illustrations are often seen on The New York Times, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wetransfer, Esquire Magazine, It’s Nice That, Tom Dixon, AIGA, The V&A and The Poetry Society

She also plays the guitar in the band Novella.