Stewart Easton


EDITION #12. June 2018


Paper: Arcoprint Milk 300g // 14,8 x 21 cm // Digital offset

Since school days I have been interested in counterculture  – specifically the time period of the 1960’s – onwards when self and communal exploration through creativity and psychedelics came to the forefront of youth culture.  

I am re-reading the Electric Cool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe, a book I tried to read and couldn’t finish when I was fifteen – a very long time ago. The piece is based on the Merry Pranksters – the 1960’s acid test as led by Ken Kesey

The image is based upon a fictional character involved in one of the ‘Acid Tests’ and depicts an LSD user’s experience during the test.  The work has been hand drawn using Posca pens.”  


 Stewart Francis Easton is a visual storyteller based in London who works in thread, ink, paint and digital media. Easton received an MA in Illustration and Animation. He has had a number of solo shows both in the UK and USA as well as being involved in numerous group shows in the UK and USA.   

Breaking the traditional boundaries of craft, Stewart Francis Easton’s work fuses together hand embroidery, sonic art and design-based illustration. He has been removing the ‘storyline’ of a visual narrative by creating geometric/graphic forms in stitch.  

This reassembling of his work ethic in a conscious measured layout enables the viewer to be free of their preconceptions of story. Some of his artworks are part of private collections in the UK and internationally.